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"Bullwinkle, do you know what an A-bomb is?"

"Sure, Rocky.  A bomb is what some people call our show."

"I don't think that's very funny."
"Neither do they, apparently."

                                     -The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and Friends


We've all seen them.  Those  videos.  The boring ones.  

The embarassing ones.  The so-shaky-I'm-getting-seasick ones.  


"We've got a camera.  Why don't we just shoot it ourselves?"

You might as well ask, "Do I cut the red wire or the green wire?"


In today's media-saturated world, audiences are more savvy than ever. 'Good enough' isn't good enough any more.  Experience and expertise matter more now than they ever have.


For 30 years we've been making creators' ideas come to life on screen, captivating audiences with well-crafted stories, turning agency storyboards into lush images, and winning our clients a few shiny statues.


And we haven't blown anyone up yet.

 A few simple principles:

They've served us well.  But don't take our word for it.*

Do good work.

Have fun, and make sure everyone else does, too.

Light makes the picture, and pictures tell the story.

Collaboration is more interesting than control.

  Don't be a $@%#.

Sputnik explainer


If Batman had been a guy in tights and a cape named Bruce, he probably wouldn't have been taken as seriously.  Sputnik Pictures is the workplace secret identity of cinematograper and editor Scott Auerbach.  

Sputnik Pictures is a scalable media production service.  If you need a full turnkey production of your epic masterpiece, we do that.  If you just need a cameraman to shoot some video footage, we do that too.  As a member of IATSE Local 600, we are available for union and non-union shoots.  Based in Atlanta, we work anywhere a plane or vehicle can reach.


Our expertise falls into a few basic categories: advertising & marketing, corporate communications, and documentaries.  Our clients include digital ad agencies, independent directors, broadcast networks, corporations and non-profit organizations.

Scott bio


Plastic camera.  Real flamingos.  


Composition of that shirt: unknown to mankind.



On my first television gig, I cried and pooped my pants.  At least I assume I did. I was in diapers.  I was about one year old, and I was an 'actor' in the background of a scene.  In retrospect, it was probably inevitable that I would end up in television.  My dad was a pioneering television director.  My uncle was a network executive.  Four other family members are in film or TV. Apparently it's genetic.


But I fell backwards into TV and video production in the late 1980s, after earning a BFA cum laude  in Photographic Illustration at RIT, then starting my career as a still photographer.  Photography was --and is-- a lifelong obsession. [Take a look here.]   Later, as I delved into moving pictures, there were Master Class workshops with Russell Carpenter and Vilmos Zsigmond.


Over the years I've shot TV commercials, co-produced a groundbreaking PBS documentary on AIDS, shot and edited a children's educational TV series with puppets, directed a short corporate video with a cast of nine thoroughbreds all playing the same horse, traveled all over the South with some of the greatest civil rights heroes of their generation, had an ad play on the Times Square jumbotron, and shot interviews with celebrities and world leaders.  


I've also rappelled off a building with a camera strapped to me, dived with sharks, stood in things you don't want to stand in, removed gaffer's tape from a surgeon's chest hair, and snaked microphone cables in places where people don't usually wear cables.  It's what I do.  I'm the luckiest guy in the world.



"I have always stood in awe of the camera.

I recognize it for the instrument it is, 

part Stradivarius, part scalpel."

                              -Irving Penn

"I consider my profession

is as a writer of light."

                                  -Vittorio Storaro

"Wow, that camera must make great pictures."  We hear it all the time.  And yes, it's important to have the proper tools. That's why we keep an extensive, constantly-upgraded array of superb cameras, lenses, audio, lighting, and grip equipment.


But the camera merely records the light coming into the lens. At Sputnik Pictures, we believe in the eyes and the brains standing behind all that very expensive technology.   Our expertise in lighting, framing, editing and storytelling is what makes our clients' products, facilities and employees look better than they thought possible.


Scott knows light. If you are looking for a true artisan... Scott is the one to hire.


A rarity in the industry... consistently gave me more than I expected, and then a little more. 


Brilliant and funny -- just like his images and storytelling.


Makes every project seem effortless and enjoyable, while paying attention to details and the overall excellence of the finished piece.


Creative, resourceful, punctual, reliable, and darned funny. 


One of the very few people I've worked with that I would recommend unreservedly.


Always does whatever is needed to give the client a superior product.


I trusted him to do it right and he NEVER let me down.


An amazing work ethic as well as a great sense of humor.


Blown away by the quality.


Always prepared with up-to-date knowledge of current technology, and brings a terrific attitude.


Unfailingly patient, detail-oriented, intelligent, and extremely competent.


To say I am happy with Scott’s performance is the understatement of the century.


In a hundred shoots I can't recall a single clients universally love him.


Keeps us all at the top of our game.  He is a perfect fit.


The most versatile professional I’ve met in my 45 years in this business.

Blah, blah, blah...

The Sally Field 'You Like Me' corner


And now a word from our sponsors...

(Thanks, guys.  We couldn't have done it without you.)

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